Monday, December 04, 2006

Pictures from my December gluten free, casein free, egg free class

Click here to look inside our gluten and dairy free lunch bag

I just finished up my last class in partnership with Spinal Corrective Center. It was a series of four classes and it was really a ton of fun. There are so many great people in the area. I hope to spend more time with many of them in the new year. I baked a ton of gluten free, dairy free, egg free, soy free foods for this event. I even managed a few specific carbohydrate safe recipes. My mom came up the day before to help me finish up the baking, and she was a terrific help during the class :)
If you want a recipe, just email me through

Here you see some Pamela's cupckaes made with Flax Seed for egg replacer. They turned out just lovely. Next to them are SCD safe peanut butter cookies made with brazil and pecan flours, as well as local honey. Then there is a basket of muffins, which may be the Kinnickinnick white cake mix or the Gifts of Nature Cranberry Orange. Nut sure which one, but they both turned out good with flax egg replacer. Thumbs up!

Above we start with Laura's Choice Cookies (my favorite sugar free, egg free, gluten free, casein free cookie!) followed by Gifts of Nature Cranberry Orange muffin/cookie mix baked into cookies. These were delicious too! Third is the Kinnickinnick white cake mix with flax egg replacer. It worked wonderfully. The muffins really popped up.

Breads From Anna Pumpkin bread (one of my favorites) and Breads by Anna's banana bread. I also made her Banana bread mix with only one banana and 3/4 cup ground cranberries, and that was a treat. Yum! Next to the breads are some premade Pamela's cookies (which always go over well).

More Pamela's premade cookies, followed by Kinnickinnick chocolate cake. I don't know if I could pick between the Pamela's and Kinnickinnick cake mixes. They were both delicious, and they both worked great as cupcakes with flax seed egg replacer! Next up is the Pamela's brownie. This took forever to cook with the egg replacer, but it turned out delicious. I believe that it was the only product I made that contains soy (from the chocolate chips).

Another shot of the Pamela's brownie followed by two homemade pies. The first is my vanilla coconut pudding pie on a Kinnickinnick graham cracker crust. Every bite was devoured of both pies. They were quite popular. The second is my favorite flavor, which is chocolate, butterscotch coconut pudding pie on Breads from Anna's Pie Crust mix. This is so good!

Finally, a sugar free tart cherry crisp made with honey, maple, and Gifts of Nature all purpose flour and gluten free oats. This was one of my favorites.


Anonymous Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

I miss butterscotch. How'd you make it casein-free?

5:55 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Sally, the only butterscotch food we have eaten on our diet is the pudding pie pictured above. It is layered with chocolate and butterscotch pudding. I use the gluten free organic pudding mix and I use coconut milk in place of dairy milk. I add a bit of gelatin as well, to thicken it enough for a pie form.

6:42 PM  

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